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About Our Work Together

As a Professional Certified Coach and CBT Certified Life Coach, one of my core areas of expertise involves helping clients navigate and overcome their mind traps. These irrational thought patterns exacerbate negative thinking and emotions and keep you from living an intentional, fulfilling life. 


In working with me, you’ll have the opportunity to: 


  • Seek clarity and realign with your personal values

  • Gain insight into your mind traps and their consequences

  • Regain control over your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors

  • Visualize and sculpt the life you desire

  • Intentionally establish a plan for achieving your goals

  • Reinforce mindfulness, self-awareness, and acceptance in your daily life


My coaching approach provides you with the tools you need to break through the unwanted thoughts and behaviors impacting you, encouraging you to embody your chosen values and be an active participant in creating the vision of your life. 


It’s about letting go of the old story you used to tell yourself and committing to writing a new one. You deserve nothing less than the chance to begin anew. 


Client Testimonial

Gail T.

The insightful sessions filled with amazing wisdom and knowledge inspire me to be a better human, motivating me to think on a higher level to remind me that change, in its scariest form, can be a blessing and full of hope, clarity, and strength. Thank you for joining me on my journey.

Patty K.

I was really nervous when we first started working together, but I got so much out of the first session and felt like Kelly understood me well because she’s been through something so similar. I am happy to have the tools to live an amazing life.

Yvonne D.

I appreciate Kelly taking the time to listen to me. All of her patience, compassion, understanding, and support have made a big difference for me. It’s been so nice to speak with someone who has experienced many of the same things I have.

My Story

Professionally, I am a physical therapist turned consultant turned certified life coach. But my journey to self-acceptance and feeling satisfied with my life spans far beyond my career expertise. It wasn't easy pinpointing where my struggle with self-worth and shame started in my life. I'd been that way for as long as I could remember. I'd always felt like nothing I did was good enough, that I didn't deserve the success people thought I had, like I was an outsider in my own life. From the world's view, I looked as though I'd been thriving all along. But deep down, I was barely surviving.

I tried to blame it all on shameful choices I had made throughout my life. I convinced myself that when things went wrong, I was just getting what I deserve. I couldn't have children so that made me subpar. I wasn't losing weight so that made me weak. My business wasn't always successful so that made me insufficient.

In retrospect, that all sounds like a form of self-torture! Doesn't it?

kelly oz coaching mindset south carolina cognitive therapy.png
My Approach
kelly oz mindset coaching cognitive therapy south carolina the moving forward coach.jpg

And it was torture. For a long time, I repeated those cycles, and even though I had positive experiences in my life (marrying my husband, traveling, and advancing in my career), I never felt like I was fully embodying my true self. I didn't believe in her. 

But I do now. And while there isn't enough internet space to go through every long road I took to get here (you can read my blogs for that), I did get here. I am here. Committing to getting to know myself every day as I change and evolve and work through the mind traps and trauma-induced patterns that are deep-rooted but deserve my care and attention. 

If there's anything I've learned along this journey, it's that there is no endpoint. Self-development, self-acceptance, and reiterating self-worth, we must commit to that indefinitely. We must understand that deep transformation is a life-long path. Negative emotions, actions, and thoughts do not become extinct. We just vow to love ourselves enough to keep learning the tools we need throughout each stage of our lives to continue moving forward. 

And I want today to be that day for you, the day you take a vow to commit to yourself. What greater form of self-love could there be?

My Approach

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