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The Power of Positive Intelligence: An Introductory Guide

Researchers have found that Positive Intelligence is associated with higher levels of life satisfaction, happiness, and overall fulfillment in life. But, what is it that makes someone with positive intelligence more open to creating meaning in their lives no matter what? Let’s explore the basics so you can begin using this theory to boost your breakthrough moment.

What is Positive Intelligence?

Positive Intelligence is a philosophy that refers to the ability to be aware of one's own strengths and weaknesses in order to achieve success. People with positive intelligence are able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems. They are able to see the bigger picture in a light-hearted way, knowing they have the tools and awareness to improve their choices. These skills are essential not only when it comes to achieving goals, but also when it comes to coping with difficult times. Honing in on your positive intelligence can help you move forward with your life in an elevated, productive way.

The philosophy was founded by Shirzad Chamine, the New York Times Best Seller of Positive Intelligence. The book discusses how individuals can reach their fullest potential. It was initially designed for coaches and team leaders to boost performance and workforce culture. However, the exercises and concepts have become widely used among those seeking to transform their lives. Chamine’s science-based principles can be applied to anyone, including those of you on a personal journey of self-development and growth.

You can take the Positive Intelligence Assessment, called the Positivity Quotient, to find out more insight about your mental muscles. Uncover ways you may be self-sabotaging and what strengths you have in keeping your mental fitness thriving.

Your Brain’s Power: Saboteurs vs. Sage

As it turns out, our brains are working from two different regions: Saboteurs and the Sage. These two parts of the brain create different feelings that determine how you actively make choices. They focus on the alternate sides of your decision-making: ones that keep you in a mode of survival (saboteurs) or ones that will help you thrive (the sage). Understanding these two elements is the essence of Positive Intelligence.

What are Saboteurs?

Saboteurs are patterns of thinking and behavior that can sabotage your ability to handle life’s challenges in a way that best serves you. Located on the left side of the brain, saboteurs are connected to emotions like stress, self-doubt, anger, frustration, and the dreaded “monkey mind.” Thankfully, these are not “fixed” characteristics, meaning they can be changed with practice and the help of the sage.

The 10 Saboteurs that afflict individuals are:

  • Judge

  • Victim

  • Pleaser

  • Restless

  • Hyper-vigilant

  • Hyper-achiever

  • Hyper-rational

  • Controller

  • Stickler

  • Avoider

If you want help to identify these saboteurs, consider taking the Saboteur Assessment. This will help you figure out where to start in changing your behaviors and thinking more positively with mindful habits.

What is Sage Powers?

Positive Intelligence has been shown to be important for success in many facets of life. A person who is positive knows how to take control of their own destiny and manage their emotions. They are able to thrive in spite of difficult times. This is because they are able to focus on the positive aspects of life and look for solutions rather than focus on the negative.

That’s where the inner Sage comes in. Located on the right side of the brain, this is where your positive emotions take flight. Characteristics like compassion, gratitude, creativity, and calmness are all present through the powers of sage. This sage region is known to release endorphins that block the negative impact of cortisol.

The 5 Sage powers that promote a strong perspective and Positive Intelligence are:

  • Empathy

  • Explore

  • Innovate

  • Navigate

  • Activate

These are the skills and abilities that make you uniquely qualified to achieve your goals. When actively in the space of working on your Sage powers, you can create a tipping point in your life.

Your Brain’s Power: Making the Shift

Positive Intelligence is a practice developed over time. The key factor here is that repetitive action enables automatic habits. It’s about finding ways to intercept our Saboteur responses and making more productive choices for our goals through our sage powers. Fun fact: the neurons in your brain that help you make decisions can become more closely wired the more you reiterate that pattern. Constantly choosing the Sage response over the Saboteur will actually create new pathways that your brain will be trained to respond to more often.

The battle between thriving and surviving might occur beyond human control, but with the right tools and strategies for mental fitness, you can be victorious in anything you set out to achieve.

How Positive Intelligence Can Help You Move Forward

Positivity is one of the most empowering forces in the world and can have a transformative impact on your life. Positivity can help you to bridge the gap between your aspirations and your capabilities to achieve your goals. It can also help you to build better relationships, achieve success in your work, and become more self-sufficient. Through the power of Positive Intelligence, you can achieve anything you desire.

If you are struggling to move forward with your life, you may experience feelings of unworthiness, sadness, regret, grief, uncertainty, and loneliness. This leads to isolation, depression, lack of motivation, and anxiety. Reiteration of these emotions is the continuous cycle of Saboteurs. They convince you you may not measure up, or you’re not worthy to achieve something you desire. By finding proactive tools that allow you to activate the Sage powers within you, you can begin to live a life that’s more fulfilling.

Altering your perspective is challenging, inner work, but Positive Intelligence could be a viable first step. What’s more, I can help! As a certified transformational and professional life coach who has worked with over 500 people, I know how assessing your mental fitness can help. Reach out to learn more about teaming up to uncover your true Sage powers to shatter your Saboteurs.


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